Thursday, September 20, 2007

Responsible Dog Ownership - What to Expect when Getting a New Puppy or Dog

I've had duty on the head lately. I am a frequent visitant to respective classified advertisement subdivisions dealing with domestic dogs and domestic dog services for sale. There is a tendency in domestic domestic dog ownership that I see as inexcusable.

As a professional dog trainer I cognize that domestic dogs are not the easiest animate beings to own. When talking about easiness of ownership there is typically no comparing the work involved with lovingness for a domestic dog or puppy as there is with taking on a cat, fish, or turtle. As I see these classifieds from clip to clip I am upset to see such as phrases as "Have to acquire quit of the domestic domestic domestic dog because she sheds so much" or "This dog necessitates an proprietor who can give him more than attention" or "Needs an proprietor who can give him a day-to-day walk" or "Needs an proprietor who can give her training".

The inquiry that should be posed to these proprietors is, "What were you thinking?" Were you thinking when you got a dog that it would be simple? Weren't you realizing that a domestic domestic dog is going to shed, is going to bark, is going to necessitate training, is going to necessitate exercise?

This article is for the possible dog proprietor in hopes that I can assist you understand what it is you are getting in to:

1- Dogs shed. They acquire dirty. They can odor bad. Can you cover with that? They will necessitate baths, and particular tools to pull off shedding. Dogs demand particular shampoos.

2- Dogs cost money. Vaccinations are necessary for every single puppy. Worming medicine is needed for every puppy. There are also many other medical costs such as as blood and stool tests, possible x-rays, and many other costs that originate from normal domestic dog ownership. Keep in mind, I'm talking about healthy animals. If your domestic dog have illnesses or wellness defects your check could easily run into the thousands. You must calculate wellness attention costs into your budget before getting any dog.

3- Every single domestic domestic dog necessitates training. You have got to retrieve that a domestic dog is an animal. Nearly every 1 of his inherent aptitudes is contrary to what you desire in a dog. Dogs jump, chew, dig, travel to the bathroom in the house, etc. It is your duty to learn your domestic dog what is acceptable. It will probably be calendar months at a lower limit before you can let your domestic dog freedom in the house while you aren't home. If you desire to take your domestic dog to the parkland off tether it will probably necessitate calendar months of preparation and 100s or one thousands of dollars in professional trainer costs. If you desire the perfect domestic dog it will likely take hours and hours of work over the space of many months, tons of money, and a boat-load of patience.

Dogs aren't accoutrements to be acquired on a caprice and discarded when it isn't convenient. Responsible domestic dog ownership necessitates existent work, existent effort, and existent money. If you aren't in it for the long haul, don't acquire the domestic domestic dog in the first place.

Good fortune in your pursuit to owning the right dog.

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