Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dog Food - Does Your Dog Food Contain Dogs and Cats?

Horror narratives abound on the Web, and 1 that is no uncertainty very concerning to pet lovers, is the one telling us that pet domestic dogs and true cats that have got been set to kip by Vets, can stop up as ingredients in pet food?

The narrative travels that Vets direct dead pets to rendition works - that in bend render the meat down into pet food? As if that's not atrocious enough, the anaesthetic used (pentobarbital), is supposed to be in the premix too and then stops up being another chemical Federal to pet domestic dogs and cats! Perhaps Mythbusters should have this one? I have got heard the narrative myself - but had never seen any cogent evidence of it! Well it turns out that the United States Food and Drug Administration have done testing and there is not follow of domestic domestic dog or true true cat deoxyribonucleic acid or the chemical pentobarbital sodium in commercial dog and cat food!

So - it is myth - and now that it have been scientifically tested and proved to be so - we can ONLY hope that some of these wild claims might be retracted?

Anyone that cognizes my positions on the content of pet food, will cognize that I am not a fan of the low class beginnings of meat, meat by-products, down feather graded cereal grasses and other merchandises that they bash set in, but there is still no demand to overstate the truth just to frighten people! I will stay an advocator of high quality home-prepared food, because it gives your domestic dog FAR better nutrition and at a less cost to commercial message food!

For a nexus to the ACTUAL Food and Drug Administration article glade commercial nutrient of this horrid narrative - visit my site.

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