Friday, June 01, 2007

When Pets Hate Their Owners

I love pets and have had pets in my home since I was a child. But I had this one parrot that hated my guts. It got so bad that when ever we let it out of its cage it would fly right over to me and begin pecking me on the head. It got to the point where I had to wear an army helmet around the house.

Not only that but it had a vocabulary a sailor would be proud of. Every time I entered my home it would start cursing me out in the most vulgar fashion you could imagine. It was a good thing we didn't have children.

I picked this parrot up at the Humane Society. I didn't know who the previous owner was and didn't know what ordeals this parrot had gone through in the past. All I knew was that it hated my guts.

But it loved my wife. Oh that parrot would sing to her for hours at a time. And it was always on its best behavior around my wife when I wasn't around. When my wife fed the parrot it would say - please and thank you. When my wife talked to the parrot it would talk right back to my wife as if they were holding a conversation.

But it hated my guts. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe I resembled its previous owner and maybe the previous owner had mistreated it? I don't blame the parrot and I didn't take it personally. It was just an innocent animal.

Anyhow, one day after work I opened the front door of my home and there was the parrot flying around the living room. When it spotted me it made a bee line straight for my head. My army helmet was no where to be seen so I did the only reasonable thing possible - I ducked.

The parrot flew right past me and out the front door - and kept on going. It didn't stop and it didn't turn around to say good-bye. We never saw that parrot again.

That was the only pet I have ever had that hated my guts. I'll never know why but like I said I don't blame the parrot. It was just an innocent animal. But there is one thing I do know - I don't miss that parrot one single bit.

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