Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Congratulations! It's official. You're finally a accredited existent estate agent. So, what make you make now?

Newly accredited existent estate agents all over the country human face the same dilemma; life after existent estate agent licensing exams.

Truth is there are more than existent estate agents than you can agitate a stick at, but only a few fully encompass the chance to separate themselves from the others.

Simply being licensed is no longer adequate and there are no guaranteed cutoffs to success. Still, there are scores of companies guaranteeing success if you purchase their products.

Well, salvage your money because there are no guarantees; only hard, focused work coupled with merchandises that'll heighten your success, which gets and ends with 2 simple things;

1. getting prospects, and

2. converting them to paying customers

Getting Prospects

Getting prospects is easier said than done and only when you have got got some you will you have an chance to intermix your knowledge, appeal and personality to fold them.

But the cardinal remains getting them. How make you make that?

Having a existent estate listing system is 1 good manner and should be every newly licensed existent estate agent's top priority; veteran soldier agents, too if they never had one.

Although you can happen existent estate listing systems a dime a twelve there is nil that assists you accomplish the degree of existent estate marketing and sales "success" you desire quite like a proved one, whether they're complicated 1s at outrageous prices, or simple 1s at sensible cost.

Generally, the more than than complicated and cumbrous the systems are the more expensive they are. They aren't necessarily better because, just costlier.

The type of system you chose tin be as simple as mailing pre- written existent estate marketing letters to proprietors of expired listings, some of which are extremely effective.

Prices range from under $9 - 10 to over $4,000.00; respective can be establish for less than $50.00.

But as you turn in experience and ability incorporating phone call in 800 number lead generating systems and websites are almost a must if you desire be competitory and guarantee your success.

Let's human face it - existent estate agents need lists and the more than than they have got the more money they're likely to do through their existent estate marketing efforts. On the other manus agents who can't get lists don't last in the community too long.

Real estate listing systems aid agents get listings. They can assist new agents get off to good starts and recharge the careers of veteran soldier agents who have got been around for awhile.

Also, with a good system, expired listings, fsbo's and whatever it might be, newly licensed existent estate agents can derive important marketing exposure in months, rather than years.

Signs with your name on them dotted throughout your community will give you instant credibleness and generate more than listings. Everybody wishes doing business with successful existent estate agents, which you'll be thought of as when you have got got tons of listings.

Another nice thing about agriculture expired lists is that the Sellers are typically Realtor friendly, eager to sell their places and willing make what it takes to get them sold.

So, if you don' have one, get one. And don't worry if you can't afford the most expensive one. Just get the 1 the looks best suited to you that you can afford now. You can always upgrade and add to it as clip travels by.

Good fortune and happy listings!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Real Estate Marketing - How to Measure Your Direct Mail Success

Eugene Schwartz, writer of Discovery Advertising, said it best: "There are no replies in direct mail except diagnostic test answers. You don’t cognize whether something will work until you prove it. And you cannot foretell diagnostic test consequences based on past experience."

What he intends is this. You can take something that have got worked for another existent estate marketer, apply it to your ain audience, and have it flop. Or it could be a huge success. The lone manner to cognize for certain is to seek it and diagnostic test it.

Sure, there are "best practices" you can begin with, and you can learn a batch from the successes and failures of other marketers. But to get the best possible ROI on your existent estate marketing investment, there is no replacement for testing.

Think of it this way. Best patterns will set you ahead of 75% of your competition. Testing can assist you excel the other 25%.

And Now for the Good News
Direct mail do testing easy. In fact, it’s 1 of the easiest marketing mediums to track and measure. If you direct 500 postcards out and get 25 phone phone calls about that postcard, you’ve just measured a 5% ROI (if we could all be so lucky!).

Advertise through radiocommunication or television, and your consequences are much harder to quantify.

You don’t have got to be an analyst or mathematical statistician to begin a basic testing and measuring programme for your direct mail. Here’s Associate in Nursing illustration of how simple it might be:

Step 1
Send a agriculture piece using buyer’s (or seller’s) usher as primary offer. Use this piece for a specific clip period of time -- let’s state two months.

Step 2
Path and record all responses that come up from that card. When you get an electronic mail or phone phone call from a prospect, inquire them how they heard about you. If they say, "We received a postcard mentioning your buyer’s guide," then chalk up a response to that peculiar card. Stop numeration at the two-month mark and compose down the sum number of responses.

Step 3
Next, set a single component of your Mailer -- let’s utilize the newspaper headline for this example.

Step 4
Send your new Mailer and path the response over the same clip period of time as you measured the first. Example: Out of 200 pieces mailed, postcard 1 generated seven responses in a two-month period. But postcard two generated 11 responses in the same clip period of time.

Postcard two is the victor (or the "control"). And because you only changed the headline, you cognize specifically what led to the increased response ... a stronger headline!

Toss the weaker headline, maintain the stronger one, and repetition the procedure with a new "challenger."

Now go on this one-element-at-a-time method for other parts of your mailer. Diagnostic Test the layout, the wording, the offer and the list. Pretty soon, you’ll have got a combination of best headline, best graphics, best layout ... best everything. Run it until the wheels autumn off!

"But how make I cognize which card person is responding to? Maybe they’ve just held on to card number 1 for a long clip and are calling in response to it (instead of the current version)."

Easy. Just put a small codification in the corner of each piece to allow for tracking. Example: Code 144 bes postcard one. Code 155 bes postcard two. When a prospect phone calls in response to your postcard, I can practically vouch they have got got got the postcard in manus (or nearby).

Then you simply have to ask, "I trust you don’t head my asking, but I like to track my postcards to see which 1s have been delivered properly ... is there a number in the lower left corner of the card?"

This is a basic but reasonably effectual attack to testing. I won’t travel into the widow's weeds of statistically valid samples, because it’s beyond the range of this article. Just cognize that you have got tons of ways to track responses. Where there’s A volition to test, there’s A manner to test.

Use your imagination. Keep it simple. And above all else, be consistent.

If you desire to learn more than about testing (and about proved advertisement techniques in general), I urge a book whose name states it all: Tested Ad Methods, by Toilet Caples. To travel the free-information route, just type "how to prove direct mail" into any major search engine.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Real Estate Marketing - Integrating Your Efforts for Maximum Response

Integrated marketing sounds pretty scientific. Maybe that’s wherefore up-and-coming marketers get a glazed expression in their eyes when the topic is mentioned.

Truth is, integrated marketing is easy to understand. It can also make wonderments for your existent estate marketing programme as a whole. My end with this article is to take you beyond apprehension integrated marketing and well on your manner to practicing it.

What is Integrated Marketing?
Here’s A definition I establish on the Internet: "Integrated Marketing: The pattern of blending different elements of the communicating premix in mutually reinforcing ways."

Fair enough. But let’s simplify it even more. Integrated marketing is when different marketing channels (print, web, email, etc.) work together to accomplish a common goal. The "work together" portion of that sentence is critical, and it motivates me to come up up with a definition of my own.

"Integrated" is past tense. It suggests something that have happened once and will not go on again. It’s not forward-thinking.

So let's name it "cooperative marketing."

Here’s the cardinal rule of combined marketing: The individual parts cooperate to accomplish more than than they’re capable of achieving on their own. In other words, the whole is greater than the sum of money of its parts.

Cooperative Marketing in Action
Let’s state you’re Associate in Nursing agent targeting buyers. The end of your direct marketing political campaign is to generate phone phone calls and electronic mails from prospective clients. (An first-class goal, by the way, since studies have got shown that most people travel with the first existent estate professional person they call).

To carry your receivers to reach you, you’ve decided to offer a free home-buyer’s kit. Here’s how combined marketing might assist you accomplish your objective:

You direct a direct mail postcard to your farm area. The postcard highlights the free (and valuable) home-buyer’s kit you’ve created. It supplies clear instruction manual on how to obtain the guide.

The postcard also have a thumbnail image of the information kit’s cover (a additional enticement) and directs the reader to a page of your website where they can see an extract of the information kit.

They read the extract and like what they see (because, of course, you’ve chosen the two best pages for the excerpt). To get the free kit, all they have got to make is phone call or electronic mail you ... which, hopefully, they do.

Better still, the information kit mathematical functions as a high-value business card, because you were wise adequate to include your contact information in it. And if the receiver go throughs the kit along to friends, you’ve just extended your marketing range and your possible ROI, without any extra effort.

Now that’s combined marketing.

On its own, a marketing postcard cannot impart much information. But when it entices the reader with a promise of value, and then points the reader to a website where that value can be gained in full, the postcard enjoys a whole new degree of effectiveness. Cooperative marketing have been achieved.

On its own, a website can incorporate a batch of valuable information. But your prospects will never cognize it’s there, aside from lurching across it. The marketing postcard sets the website in presence of them and gives them a specific ground to travel there. Cooperative marketing have been achieved.

Lastly, don’t error the word "cooperative" with "dependent." The postcard doesn’t necessarily depend on the website for success -- nor the opposite. Each transmission channel is capable of generating responses on its own. They’re just capable of a batch more when they cooperate.

Direct marketing (and marketing in general) is rarely a one-shot deal. The whole is more than powerful than the individual parts. The parts cooperate to accomplish the common goal.

Integrated marketing is combined marketing.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Real Estate Values or Just Bad Habits

There are respective small businesses that reserve hundred twelvemonth old traditions. Hand-dipped chocolates, fresh flowers and fabric tabular array napkins on every table in a restaurant, or mints and roses on a guest's pillow at a B&B. Loyal clients come up to anticipate these small fringe benefits or items of quality in the merchandise and changing your traditions might intend the loss of your evangelical customers. These are unspoken marks of a company's value system and devotedness to the customer. Then, there are traditions that are a small harder to explain.

There are two funny wonts in the existent estate industry that have got always baffled me. They are age-old traditions and the public have come up to accept them as portion and package of the product. But are they a contemplation of company values or just a couple of really bad habits?

The first....Why make existent estate agents set their image on absolutely everything? Real Number Estate agents are there to sell houses, people come up to the agent to purchase a house not because the agent have auburn hair or because he is smiling. The image presented through this type of marketing is that of an egoistical, self centered, self serving person.

I have got asked many agents why they make it...the replies range from; because the company necessitates it, simple Iodine don't knows, to I need it to stand up out from the competition. (If all the competition is doing the same thing, how makes that set you apart?) There are many people who have got their ain businesses and are sole-propritors from hair chests of drawers to contractors, pool cleaners, advisers and lawyers but they don't plaster their headshot all over everything that associates to their business. There could be some grounds why they don't. Sending the incorrect image of self importance is one. Another ground is aging. As people get aged they go less satisfied with the manner they look, a small less hair, and few saggy chins, smile lines that have got turned into furrows. Real Number Estate agents confront this problem caput on...they just go forth the same image on their business card for their full 25 twelvemonth career, a nice vernal look. Finally, since marketing stuffs cost money and space is at a insurance premium maybe they believe it is better to utilize that space screening the merchandise or benefit to the client instead of a self portrait.

The second tradition that looks more than like a bad wont is to have got circulars and doorhanger bags strewn all over a neighborhood, and scattered on your prospective clients presence porch. If it is a particularly popular vicinity this agency you happen this material at your doorsill 3-5 modern times a hebdomad thanks to 10 or 15 different agents! I've level seen this material delivered on Sundays. It's really convenient for thieves..they cognize you've been away on holiday even if the mail is being held at the station office. How many people pick up those circulars while vowing to NEVER make business with the agents who turn their pace into a landfill's delight! It also is knotty that existent estate agents see themselves on the same degree as pizza pie places, gardeners, and the local convenient man, all of whom market this manner too. I have got never seen a professional lawyer, physician or accountant, market themselves in this manner.

At some point one's values should win over tradition. Respecting the client (and their presence porch), making the client's/prospect's precedences your precedences must go the focusing of a successful career. Park sense and creativeness should come up together with client service, and bad wonts should be broken, even if all the competition programs to carry on.

I would wish to encourage all existent estate agents that mightiness read this. Be a leader, set a image of a door knocker or house on your business card. I cognize its somes extremist idea, but take the challenge! Wouldn't that space be better used talking about your fortes or how long you've been in business? Who knows, you might even generate some good will by not cluttering up a porch with circulars that spell straight into the trash.