Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Is Your Business Out Of Site? Employ The Ultimate Marketing Tool

With the rapid expansion of the digital economy, the web site is conceivably the most powerful marketing and sales tool you can employ.

Yet, despite the highly competitive, global business climate, many businesses have yet to take advantage of this popular technology.

Consider these facts:

• There are more than 1,022,800,000 Internet users worldwide. The U.S. has the highest number of Internet users in the world with 205,300,000-plus 'surfers', equating to 68.6 per cent of the country's population. (Source:

• By 2010, e-commerce in the U.S. is expected to account for $316 billion (U.S.) in sales, or 13 per cent of overall retail sales. (Source:

• Canada-based online sales exceeded $39.2 (CDN) million in 2005, and that number is expecting to grow. (Source:

Moving beyond business cards and phonebooks

Some business owners rely almost exclusively on business cards and phonebook listings to introduce their companies to potential clients, and claim they would gain little or no benefit from a web site.

Indeed, business cards have played key roles in marketing and promoting businesses since the 19th century, and are without doubt one of the least expensive forms of advertising available.

Also, phonebooks have been helping consumers find companies for decades, and continue to have their place.

But with the growing number of people turning to the Internet to retrieve information and make purchases, you need to consider what a web site can do for you, your business and your customers.

Web site benefits

Web sites provide a cost-effective way to promote or announce up-to-date:

• Services

• Products

• Specs

• Prices

• Pictures

• Catalogues

• Awards

• Company news

• Contact information

• Employee bios

• Frequently asked questions

• Special deals

• Sales

• Membership opportunities

• Surveys

• Instruction videos

The list goes on. What better way to generate awareness, leads and sales locally, regionally or worldwide 24/7, 365 days a year? It's hard to find a better return on investment.

The image and credibility factor

Would you do business with someone who doesn't have business cards? These days, many individuals feel the same about companies that don't have web sites.

In fact, a ThomasNet study conducted in July 2006 revealed just how how critical web sites are for industrial sellers and buyers. Its findings: "71 per cent of buyers said they first look online when searching for a new supplier." The report concluded a web site can make the difference between "getting an RFQ or getting passed over."

A strategic, innovative and effective web site will:

• Give people a chance to get to know you at their own leisure

• Move potential customers along the ladder of engagement

• Help convert them into full-fledged customers

Investing in a professional web site can reap big results -- your company's success.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Make Money With Bulk Emailing Marketing in 4 Easy Steps

The Internet serves many purposes and can one can provide finical gain to nearly anybody seeking ways to produce income. Bulk Emailing has risen to new levels of income for the right candidates.

To break into the Bulk Email marketing game you just need drive, ambition, and simple direction and you too can produce income for yourself. Simply by working hard and following step by step direction you can make decent cash flow by using your email.

First you need to seek a great email campaign. Those emails that are attention holders are the ones that will make you money. Obtain hundreds of email subjects that will pull attention from potential customers.
Secondly you will need a great from of an Email list Manager. This will manage email lists easy and quickly.

Thirdly you will need to find some form of email verifier, a program that will verify that the email addresses you extract are valid, nothing will make you madder than receiving undeliverable email messages. That is just a waste of your time! In addition you will need to purchase a list of email addresses. The more the better! There are many ways of accessing these email addresses.

Investing as little as $29.99 from some websites can offer you lists of up to 7 million, yes 7 million email address to get you started. This process is very simple and can provide you results quickly. It helps to have your game in place before you start this process. The results will be adequately impressive once you obtain all the information you need to begin.

One word of warning, whenever you initiate a bulk email campaign, make sure that you and all your vendors are observing and following CAN-SPAM laws in the US and similar laws world wide - the penalties can be severe - and you are responsible for knowing the law.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Enhancing Homes' Sex Appeal

The marketing powerfulness of sexual activity entreaty is not a new concept. It is no happenstance that sexual activity insinuation and the omnipresent usage of the erotic and alien have been used for respective old age in commercialism and trade, from the so-called satirical pornography of Melvin Calvin Felix Klein advertisements to the musculus work force and women hawking Evian water, to the animal allurement used in graphical and advertisement designing in music, art, film, packaging, and publishing. Artistic flame up and technological invention are unquestionably the footing of the recent partnership of Dolce & Gabbana with Motorola for the marketing of one-thousand gold Motorola RAZR V3i phones, and the marketing itself is based on the dogmas and rules of Evolutionary Economics.

Evolutionary Economics theorize that change is based on repeat of engineering and routines. If in fact change happens constantly in the economy, then somes chemical mechanism is in enactment that replicates the Darwinian sequences of development that supply selection, generate fluctuation and set up self-replication – a procedure that is otherwise known as ‘progress’. The theory posits that markets enactment as the major choice vehicles. The assortment of competing firms is both in their merchandises and patterns that are matched against markets. Both merchandises and patterns are determined by modus operandis that firms use: standardised patterns of actions implemented constantly. By imitating these routines, firms propagate them and thus set up heritage of successful practices.

The nexus between sexual activity entreaty and marketing is established by one of the dogmas of Evolutionary Economics, in that consumers love knickknacks and, what’s more, can make novelties. Evolutionary Economics makes not see consumers as mere passive voice receivers of commodity and services but, rather, active manufacturers as well. The ground is that at the footing of production and ingestion there is human imaginativeness and desire for novelty. Furthermore, when people actually ‘own’ knickknacks in the word form of commodity they put about to convert others that the ownership of such as knickknacks shows that they have got got achieved a higher status, and that if others were adroit adequate to make what they did or to possess the same things that they have, then the others too could accomplish high status and enjoy all the good things that come up from it, including the best sexual activity (if a male) or the highest economical security (if a female) that they could possibly desire. As Aristotle Onassis once said "The lone point in being rich is to have got as much sexual activity as you desire with as many beautiful women as you want".

As irregular and eccentric as this peculiar business conception may sound, it have revealed itself to be deathly effectual in commercialism and trade. Taken as individual goods, high-fashion couture and cellular phone have got absolutely nil in common and, on the other hand, if Motorola itself were to put about merchandising gold cellular phones the marketing would likely be a ruinous flop. But by combining Motorola’s engineering with Dolce & Gabbana’s fashionable sexual activity entreaty and artistic alien innuendo, the lucifer is perfect. This conception is about to come in finance and existent estate as well. Think about it carefully: the home is the topographic point where the two genders meet, it is the perfect status symbol and the purchase and sale of a home is the quintessential freshness for the Seller (the producer) and the Buyer (the consumer). A question, therefore, originates as to how Peter Sellers can better the likelihood by enhancing home marketing through sexual activity appeal. The reply lies in making homes as much comfy (for the men) and reassuring (for the women) as possible.

Architectural styles of new buildings are changing already, with the ever increasing unit of ammunition looks of outsides evocative of feminine sensualness and the usage of glazed windows and obvious steel beams – male machismo at its best, while on the inside, comfortableness and reassurance are perhaps best signified by the increasing usage of home elevators. The bathroom is certainly one of the most frequently-used rooms in the house, and just a few elusive changes in colour can do the difference between a cold, barren environment and a warm, welcoming one. The same consequence of familiarity can be expanded throughout the home by picture a few rooms, hang no-sew window treatments an even by merely adding throw pillows here and there, or new bed linens. The adept blend of colors, forest and designing elements advances feminine harmony, heat and balance with char green, sand, white, red, black, dark brownish and all colours of nature at the top of the line and, if contemplating a hardwood floor, mahogany is the wood of pick since it enriches the environment rendition a sense of abundance, and slate flooring and polished concrete walls aid make a natural masculine feeling, especially if concerted and contrasted with the glacial expressions of unstained steel appliances.

It makes not take much in terms of money invested to make the nexus with sexual activity appeal, which is the stimulation to emotional engagement. And since existent estate merchandising is, ultimately, based entirely on emotions the Seller that tin happen the manner to utilize emotional leverage through familiarity by tapping and enhancing the beginning or beginnings of home sexual activity entreaty will profit immensely from one of the best marketing tools ever, the efficiency of which have been proven over and over by major marketing constitutions throughout the world.

Luigi Frascati

Business Marketing Online: Secrets of Internet Millionaire Webmasters

One mistake that most website owners and businesses are currently making is that they depend on their traffic to come from search engines alone.

Some are even squandering hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly doing (Pay per click) PPC campaign.

This is fatal.

It is impossible for all websites to rank at #1 or among the top 10 all at once in any search engine.

So, once businesses realize this obvious fact, it should be common sense for them to know that the solution should be to diversify their marketing and promotion.

Stop depending on the uncertain search engine traffic otherwise you'll go bankrupt soon.

You need to do different kinds of marketing and promotions both online and offline.

Some of them are newspaper and magazine advertising, TV, cable and radio advertising, direct mailing promotion, text-link campaign, link exchange campaign, events sponsorship promotion, press release, article promotions.

When you do all these promotions, you get a lot of exposures, traffic from many sources and will not be forced anymore to depend on search engines traffic and rankings alone.

I have also noticed that most businesses are still using the old tactics of copywriting that worked during pre-internet era.

Perhaps that is why many of them have problems in making their websites profitable.

In these internet times, a website content has to be short, direct, interesting and must have a unique selling proposition to be effective and to convert visitors to buyers.

Many people just don't have the time to spend all day reading the content of one website when they are aware there are thousands and millions more they may have to read before they make up their minds to buy.

I see many website contents which are professionally written, organized and designed.

But all have one common mistake. They forget this fact that I am pointing out:

They are way too long, too desperate in their sales pitches, hype and most of them will not even allow you to read more than one word before their subscription pop-up forms come up and block the websites.

What a very rude and annoying way to welcome a prospect to your website.

In other words, they do so much to repel the customers, instead of doing so much to attract them.

May these insights into website promotion, work at home business income program, online income opportunity, website marketing, work from home business, affiliate programs, internet promotion help you improve your online marketing so as to achieve more success and happiness.

Please feel free to print or publish this article anywhere and read and also send it to your friends and well wishers and please preserve the author's resource box and website below.

Ikey Benney

Friday, February 23, 2007

Selling Investment Houses: Props & Profits

New Marketing and Design Psychology ideas aid you stage homes for sale to actuate buyers and generate top dollar. Instead of leaving investing houses vacant, my hubby and I add a few props to increase our profits.

Visit nearby theoretical account homes and analyze the manner the inside interior designers furnished the homes. Notice how the interior designers under equipped the theoretical account homes by using just adequate accessories to do a brilliant presentation, but not too much to do the suite look crowded or small. Using a few props to get dressed up your house assists you sell for the upper limit net income in respective ways:

1. Props chosen with implicit in psychological benefit addendum the emotional reactions desired, including the perceived room temperature.

2. Props add position with ocular depth -- vacant suite look flat.

3. Props aid to maintain property in the head of buyers who see many houses.

4. Props are focal points for buyers to conceive of their ain furnishings in the home and get them thinking on life in the space.

Embellishments Peer Extra Dollars

Accessories which we utilize over and over to get dressed up different places for sale include: exuberant greenness plants, paintings, mirrors, lightweight unit of ammunition tabular arrays with keen cloth skirts, and antique side chairs. We have got an uncomfortable but great-looking antique sofa, upholstered in leopard print, which we travel from doll's house to doll's house for ocular appeal.

A hardy tabular array and chairs to subscribe contacts is invaluable to you. Don't allow motivated buyers get away because it is too hard to finalize the sale at the property. A simple card tabular array with a dramatic cloth skirt adds soft texture to suite with all hard come ups and few furnishings. This assists counter the black emotional impact of hard come ups and vacant spaces.

Borrow props from your home. This salvages money and clip spent shopping. Also, when you convey the point home again, it looks to demo up more than than and have got more importance.

Plan your inside works and flowers for your merchandising season. Pick up vases and containers at pace sales. Take advantage of what you have got growing either at your dollhouse, at home, or from friends. Freshly cut greenish tree subdivisions add ocular chilliness in warm weather condition condition and fall travel forths add ocular heat in cool weather.

Don't go overboard with props. You don't desire to overcrowd the space or even come up close to furnishing it. Buyers like to visualise their ain furnishings in your dollhouse.

(c) Copyright 2004, Jeanette J. Fisher. All rights reserved.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Selling Your Property Without An Estate Agent

It is possible to save £1,000s selling your home privately and cutting out the estate agent, but what are the issues that you need to consider?

Pricing the property

Price your property too low and you could short-change yourself from the true market value, price your property too high and you will simply put off potential buyers.

Before you put your property on the market, you need to do some market research. Are there any similar homes for sale in your neighbourhood? If so approximately how much are they going for? Look through the local papers and property sales websites to compare your home against others.

Once you have identified a market value for your home, you may want to consider pricing it slightly lower than those sold through agents, so that prospective buyers feel that they are getting a bargain.

Preparing the property for sale

Any estate agent worth their salt will help the seller to prepare their property for sale and point out places where improvements need to be made, helping the home to sell quicker and for more money.

Generally, vendors should be prepared to neutralise and de-personalise their homes prior to sale. This means clearing away clutter, plenty of white paint, a good spring clean and fixing all those little DIY jobs that never seem to get done.

Marketing your property

In the past, people who have opted to sell their homes without estate agents have used home-made 'For Sale' signs and local classified adverts. These can still be very effective and are definitely worth considering.

In addition to this, a number of websites have sprung up, specifically for private sellers to advertise their homes. A quick search on Google or Yahoo will help you find the most appropriate site for your needs.

Negotiating the deal

One of the core advantages of using an estate agent to sell your home is their ability to negotiate the best deal without any financial or emotional involvement.

Many people find negotiation an unpleasant experience and prefer to leave it to the experts. If you do decide to negotiate with the buyer, remember these core tips:

Set a minimum price at which you are prepared to sell your home.

Allow yourself room for manoeuvre - most people will try to negotiate, so make sure your asking price is higher than your minimum selling price.

If the buyer is making a serious offer, try to meet them at a half-way point, slow the pace down and only surrender small chunks of money at a time - by making the buyer work harder for a discount they will feel they have got a better deal.

Separate the real buyers from the time wasters, make sure they actually have the money to buy your property and are prepared to make a purchase - there is little point in negotiating with a general browser.

Ask lots of questions -- 'When would you like to move in?', 'Do you have finance arranged?', 'Have you sold your current house yet?' -- This will help separate buyers from browsers and you could even identify information about your buyer that will give you a negotiating edge

Close the deal

Once you have agreed on a price with the buyer, you need to ensure the deal does not fall apart. Agree on deadlines for the survey, conveyancing and date of the final exchange.

Until the exchange takes place, keep in touch with the buyer on a regular basis to ensure everything is progressing smoothly at their end and keep them updated on your progress. That way, there should not be any nasty surprises on the day of exchange.

Hedge your bets

The deal is never done until the money changes hands and even the best deals can fall through. Keeping your property on the market until exchange, will make it easier to bounce back if it all goes sour.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Marketing Information as a Business WHY NOT?

Information is important to essentially any business. Something as important as marketing information costs money. So why not try making a business out of it?

Marketing Information Business Start Up

Investing in marketing information is very profitable especially since you have a lot of earning potential in exchange for a very minimal capital. You have virtually unlimited access to information. There are therefore minimal risks of losing your investment and a considerably high potential rate of return.

You need a good amount of specialization to be successful in this field. In particular, you have to know how to collect relevant information as well as how to validate your information sources. This is especially crucial in internet sources of information. Once you have the basic skills in data gathering, analysis and presentation, setting up this type of business should not be much of a problem for you.

It is very easy to start an marketing information service. Just publish a site on the web and post some teasers about the information you are selling. You will almost need no money as capital. All you,ll need is the information in your head. Instead of money, all you need to invest is a little time to do some research and gather information and you,re set to go.

Market Demand

There is a good demand for information but only a few provide it in its readily usable form. There are literally millions of resources on the internet which an ordinary person will not have the time to sort through and peruse. There are other offline sources as well, which would usually require much more time to procure.

Providing comprehensive information in easily digestible formats and with minimum required effort on the part of your consumers will be rewarded with the money that people who need the marketing information you sell to will be more than willing to pay. The amount of effort they will save is usually inducement enough to avail of the services of a marketing information service.

The Highlights

The simplicity in the business of marketing information is its main advantage. Once you have created a nice setup for your operation, everything will tend to go smoothly without much further supervision. Information basically flows in a generic cycle. The process always starts with information tagging or identification. This process lets you organize sets of information into certain categories and subcategories. Once you have learned this you are ready to identify the demand or the need for such information.

Another good point to the marketing information business is the fact that information is renewable. This means that you can profit from it constantly without any added effort on your part. Copyrights are the best example for this feature. Copyright owners earn and earn more money as long as the information they have produced remains in use.

Finally, in the field of information marketing, you can easily outsource everything from data identification and gathering to data analysis and application. Every aspect of this business can be done without you needing to lift a finger. All you have to do is to find the right people to do the job and you have your own marketing information goldmine.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cause-Related Marketing vs. Strategic Philanthropy

Six months ago, I had communication with a national corporation about their consideration to developing a corporate strategic philanthropy program. They didn't have one at all. I kept thinking, imagine the impact this corporation could have in communities where they have a presence! WOW! It would be phenomenal for them and communities. Let me say this corporation is big. Okay, they are huge.

Well, they were kind enough to let me know that they had just hired a public relations firm to create one for them. I thought to myself, "What a pr firm? No please no." But what to do next, just wait and see what they come up with. Just one month ago, I visited the corporations website. There it was, just as I thought was going to happen. They have a program, but it is a cause-related marketing program. I was crushed and let me tell you why.

Cause-related marketing programs are based on two things. One is a one-on-one partnership between a company and a charity. The other is it's product driven/sales promoted. The program works as long as there is no negative publicity about either the company or the charity and it works so as long as the product moves. In a nutshell, cause related marketing has a shelf-life. While folks contend that any giving is a good thing, these type of programs are not sustainable. The message is not necessarily one that stands over time nor does the giving.

On the other hand, strategic philanthropy programs are created by individuals or companies whose roots are based in philanthropy. Philanthropy is a field with its own set of principles, methods, professionals and message. Strategic philanthropy is not based on product or services and is not promoted by sales. At its core, it is based on the fundamental principle of being responsibly committed to changing lives and the world today and for future generations.

If your company is serious about making an impact and giving back, you've got to be serious about the type of giving program you have and how it works. It should be value-based and sustainable. Consumers are savvy folks, just like you and me. Don't think they are fooled by giving that is essentially marketing-driven. If you want marketing, hire a marketing strategist. If you want philanthropy, hire a philanthropy strategist.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lesson 1 - Why Aren't You Wealthy?

We will begin the Financial Fitness System with the premise that you are out of form financially or you would not have got decided to subscribe to the course. So, again, why aren't you wealthy? There are some exceptions, but for the bulk of the human race it's the same reason. You did not take to be wealthy, that's it, end of story. We told you this would be simple!

Now for those of you reaching for the mouse to cancel this lesson, halt a minute and believe about it, why aren't you a physician assuming that you are not a doctor, or for that matter why aren't you a sanitation worker, broker, baker, or candle holder shaper assuming those aren't your professions? It's because you chose to be something else. Sometimes this pick haps on a caprice or by default when we neglect to choose. Even if your chose not to make up one's mind what you will become, you still have got made a choice!

The simple truth is there are no secrets to becoming wealthy. There are however a set of specific stairway to becoming affluent that are sometimes so obvious they get overlooked. If you decided to read 10 lives of 10 of the wealthiest people you have got ever heard of, and outlined the stairway they took to go wealthy, you would soon discover the common denominators of their success. Wealth is available to everyone, regardless of education, background, age, race, or any other alibi you may have got heard in the past. Wealth plays no favorites, it only reacts to a specific set of actions.

What if it were that simple? Good news, it is!

So why aren't you and the bulk of the population wealthy? Remember wealthiness is available to everyone, and creating wealthiness is simple, however, creating wealthiness is not easy, or everyone would be getting wealthy.

Creating an absolute copiousness of income in your life is not some specially guarded secret expression that lone a choice few are clued in on. In fact the bookshelves are lined with true narratives written by affluent people who buzzword delay to state you how they did it! In this course, we have got drawn from the top heads and wise men among the wealthiest people in the world, to convey you a concise summary of the rudiments of becoming wealthy.

There are only 2 things that tin forestall you from becoming wealthy:

1 - You don't cognize how - (Yet!)
2 - You are unwilling to apply what you know.

In the adjacent 9 years we will take care of the "I don't cognize how" but only you can take care of ground #2.

Success go forths clues. Over the adjacent few days, the Financial Fitness System will simply point out the common denominators of creating wealth, then demo you how you can immediately apply that knowledge. Before we are through, you will have got the ability to move on this new knowledge and be well on your manner to creating financial copiousness in your life.

Here are the cardinal points to retrieve from today's lesson:

Wealth is a choice, not a chance.
There are no secrets to wealth.
Wealth follows rules.
The regulations are simple, but not easy.
You can learn the rules.
You can follow the rules, or take not to.
Recognize that it's your choice.
Your Adjacent Step!

What You Need to Make NOW

A dreaming without action is a fantasy... a dreaming with action goes a goal!

Today's lesson have got been brief, you now cognize you have the powerfulness to take to go financially fit. Before we plunge in to wealthiness strategies in the adjacent lesson, it's important to determine if you desire to make wealthiness and why.

Again we will presume you have got the desire to break yourself financially or you wouldn't be here. We will supply the knowledge but only you can supply the action. So with that in mind, in each day's lesson you will have got very short Action Steps to complete, and a day-to-day sound lesson to listen to as homework assignments. Today you will finish your first Action Step. Don't panic it's simple, but like edifice wealth, some of the replies may not be easy. You see how this works?

Today we get at the beginning, your present Financial Condition. Just wish stepping on the scale of measurement or staring into the mirror, it may be slightly unpleasant, or not what we would like, but it is, what it is!

The sooner you have got an accurate image of where you are financially the sooner you will be on your manner to becoming financially fit.

Take out a sheet of paper and pass some clip answering the inquiries in the Action Steps Area below. Put some existent idea into your answers. This exercising will assist get to make the determination you will need to complete the course. If you are one of few who are financially fit, you should happen your replies satisfying. However, if you are like the other 97% of the population, you may happen your replies somewhat disturbing. That's okay... a small uncomfortableness often combustibles bigger change.

Tomorrow we learn the "Commodity of Kings" the basics of wealth. Just like every good manager we are starting with the fundamentals, that's where we will get your wealthiness training. For today just complete the action stairway and remainder easy. Nine years from now, your full financial mentality will be much healthier!

Action Measure 1:

After you complete Lesson #1 sharpen your pencil and compose down the replies to the following Financial Fitness questions. Start a FFS diary for your day-to-day action stairway and notes. Designate a separate notebook for all your FFS content. You may desire to publish each lesson and include them in your FFS diary for future reference. On twenty-four hours 10 you can look back and see just how much you have got got got got got accomplished in just 10 days.

"The most of import inquiries are
those we are afraid to inquire ourselves."

Q: What is the sum amount of assets that you have accumulated so far in your life?

Include cash, savings, checking, money market accounts, the current value of any stock or common finances you may have and the dollar amount of the equity in your home.

Q: What is the sum amount of liabilities that you have accumulated so far in your life?

Include your mortgage balance, your credit card balances, student loans, personal loans from household or friends, automobile loans, overdraft protection, loans against insurance policies or any other money that you have borrowed but have not yet paid back.

Q: Subtract your sum liabilities from your sum assets, and compose down your "Net Worth." (this number can be, and sadly all too often is, a negative number)

Q: Assume you lost your occupation or primary beginning of income today, and you were not able to happen work of any kind, and had no friends or relations to depend on for aid or support of any kind. How long would it be before you go homeless?

Q: Assume that you earn income, salvage money, pass money, and borrow at the same rate you make today. At that rate how soon can you retire and keep the same lifestyle you have got today?

Q: Are you where you thought you would be at this point in your life financially?

Q: Why or why not?

Q: Where would you like to be financially?

Q: What are your currently doing to get there?

Q: Without change, how make you anticipate to accomplish your financial goals? (the lottery or inheritance, are not valid answers)

Q: If money were no object, where would you live, and why?

Q: If money were no object, how would you pass your clip each day?

Q: If things remain just the manner they are today, financially, is that good enough?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lesson 2 - The Commodity Of Kings!

What is "The Commodity of Kings"

"Power is simply "the ability to act." Since ancient times, power has been the commodity of kings. Power originally came to those who were strongest physically. Later, it came to those who had a special heritage through royalty. More recently, it came to those who had the greatest wealth or capital. Today, those who possess specialized and valuable knowledge have the greatest capacity for power." Anthony Robbins - from his book Unlimited Power

Specialized and valuable knowledge.

In lesson 1, we learned that there are only two things that can prevent you from becoming wealthy. You don't know how, or you are unwilling to apply what you know. Today we will dive into reason number one.

Simply put, chances are, you were never taught how to become wealthy. Think for just a moment, what is it that separates you from the Donald Trumps of the world or for that matter any mega-wealthy person?

Is it time? No! we all have the same 24 hours in each day. As you will learn, how you spend your 24 hours will make all the difference however.

Is it a privileged background? Not at all. Remember rags to riches require rags to begin with.

Ah Ha! It must be education! Absolutely not! At least not in the traditional sense. When we think of education most of us think about going to school, graduating, possibly attending college or graduate school so we can graduate and get a good "JOB". Traditional education teaches us to become a productive part of the workforce, but in no way teaches us the basics of wealth! You may remember going to algebra class, or studying a foreign language, or history, or economics.

How many times have you gone to Wealth Building 101, or advanced personal financial success? Never we suspect, and if you happen to have attended classes you feel were teaching wealth building, doesn't it make sense that your instructors should have been wealthy? Were they?

Did you know that Fred Smith, founder of Federal Express, received a "D" on his term paper. The one that outlines the worlds first overnight package delivery service! AKA Fed_Ex

Avis of AVIS car rental, McDonald of McDonald's hamburgers, Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Lear of Lear Jets, Henry Ford, and Abraham Lincoln all have one thing in common - They never graduated HIGH SCHOOL!

So much for traditional education!

The fact is, the specialized and valuable knowledge of wealth building is self taught. The good news is it's simple to understand and enjoyable to learn, and if you apply that knowledge, you will begin to create wealth.

Welcome to your first day of class, wealth building 101.

How did the majority of people who are wealthy get that way?

If you knew you had a 74% chance of wining would you buy a lottery ticket? Millions of people line up each week to purchase lottery tickets for their chance to become wealthy. However, according to the U.S. department of Health and Welfare, less than 1% of all wealth in America was created by lottery winners.

What if you could Beat The Odds!

74% of all wealth in America was made just one way; by starting and owning your own business. If you own your own business, the chances of you becoming wealthy are 284% grater than any other way wealth is created. This includes all other methods of becoming wealthy, from Pro sports figures, to astute investors, to lottery winners! It makes absolute sense that if you goal is to become wealthy, you must have your own business!

So we have now learned that the greatest opportunity to become wealthy is through owning your own business.

The second set of specialized and valuable knowledge is an entirely new way to look at your personal finances.

Robert Kiyosaki in his blockbuster #1 best-selling book developed a completely new and simplified way to understand your personal spending and earning patterns, and how they lead you closer to or farther away from becoming wealthy. To explain these cash flow concepts in more detail.

The following information is gathered from his book Rich Dad Poor Dad - What the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not! and Robert's website:

Financial Statements

Rich Dad said, "The riskiest investor of all is a person who is out of control of his or her personal financial statement. These are people who have nothing but liabilities that they think are assets and as much in expenses as they have in income and whose only source of income is their labor."

Understanding your Financial Statement is the foundation for taking control of your personal finances. Rich Dad believes the relationship between the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet was everything. What is the first step to financial freedom? Take control of your Financial Statement.

Cash Flow Pattern of the Poor (or a young person still living at home): The poor spend every penny they make and they have no assets or liabilities, only expenses. The cash flow is limited to income and expenses and the cash flow pattern of the poor reflects income from a job that is used to pay expenses like rent, food, clothes, transportation and taxes.

Cash Flow Pattern of the Middle Class: Individuals in the middle class accumulated more debt as they become more successful. A pay raise qualifies them to borrow more money from the bank so they can buy personal items like bigger cars, vacation homes, boats and motor homes.

Their wage income comes in and is spent on current expenses and then on paying off this personal debt. As their income increases, so does their personal debt. This is what we call the Rat Race.

Cash Flow Pattern of the Rich: The rich have their assets work for them. They have gained control over their expenses and focus on acquiring or building assets. Their businesses pay most of their expenses and they have few, if any, personal liabilities.

An individual's cash flow pattern may show a combination of these three types. Which pattern does your financial statement reflect? What story does your financial statement tell? Are you in control of your expenses?

As you can see, the poor, middle class and rich, have dramatically different cash flow patterns. The poor and middle class work for income and either spend their money on necessities or servicing and ever increasing debt load; while the rich have their money or assets work for them, and re-invest their income into additional income producing vehicles.

Part of becoming financially fit it to get the ball rolling. You may be asking yourself, "How can I invest the income I make into income producing assets when I spend most or all of my income already on necessities and debts?"

In tomorrow's lesson we will show you how to immediately put additional cash in your pocket, this month, without changing your job, asking for a raise, or taking profit from any business you choose to start! In fact tomorrow we will show you how it's possible to fund your first income producing asset with cash left over to help with the monthly budget!

That's all for today's Lesson.

Here are the key points to remember from today's lesson:

Where building wealth is concerned, a formal education is not necessary, and does little to prepare you to become wealthy.
74% of all wealth in America was made just one way; by starting and owning your own business.

Your greatest opportunity to become wealthy is through owning your own business.

The poor, Middle Class, and the Rich, have dramatically different cash flow patterns and spending habits.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Real Estate Web Design - 3 Items You Must Include on Your Site

Real estate web designing necessitates you to do things a small spot differently because you are selling either your services or existent homes, so there must be respective things present on the web page to make it user friendly. Unfortunately, many existent estate web land sites are poorly designed, inquire visitants to supply dozens of personal information before being able to see any information, don’t provide adequate information not to advert photos, and are all around a hurting for many visitors. However, it is of import to cognize how to do your website user friendly because approximately 73% of people trying to purchase a home usage the Internet to assist them.

Item #1 - No Frames

Make certain your website is designed well and makes not include the usage of frames. You desire each page to be its ain nexus and accessible through a URL. If you utilize frameworks then search engines will have got a hard clip returning your page as a result, users will not be able to bookmarker it, and on the whole frameworks just cause irritation and problems to everyone. Get quit of the frameworks and usage a website that allows people to travel consecutive to the existent estate listing they are interested in without having to travel to all the other information. It will be good to you in the long run.

Item #2 - Detailed Area Information

You must include elaborate country information on your existent estate website. More than likely you are an expert in one peculiar country and as a consequence should relay this information to the people visiting your page. The ground why people are visiting your page is because they are looking for homes in that peculiar area, and since you are an expert you should supply all the information a prospective homebuyer might need, not just the spectacles of the home. Potential homebuyers desire to cognize about local shopping, dining, schools, activities, restaurants, interstates, distance to the beach, mountains, or other holiday information. The more than than elaborate the information you provide, the happier your visitant will be and the more likely they will purchase from you.

Item #3 - List Photos

Listing photographs are a must. If person is online looking for a home, the least you can supply them with is a listing photo. And not just one, but many photographs that show the outside from a assortment of angles, particular architecture or design, the outside milieu such as as gardens and trees, inside rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and more. Basically everything you can imagine. The easier you do it for the prospective homebuyer, the more than than likely they will reach you for more information. If you don’t have got one already, simply purchase a quality digital photographic camera and then adding listing photographs to your land site will be piece of cake.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Real Estate Website Marketing - 5 Steps to Crushing Your Competition and Doubling Your Business

Getting your existent estate website more traffic is easy if you cognize how Internet marketing works, not to advert search engine optimization. Your end is to get as much traffic as possible to your website, but not just any traffic, targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is the traffic that mightiness actually have got some interest in your merchandise or service, in this lawsuit existent estate, and be more than likely to purchase than untargeted traffic you might pick up. Fortunately, there are five easy stairway to assist you oppress the competition and dual your business.

Step #1 - Links

Links to your existent estate website on the Internet are very of import marketing tools because not only make they increase your rankings with the search engines, they also expose you to more than potentiality traffic. Because of this you must make everything you can make get your land site linked to from many different complementing websites. The more than than than golf course you have, the more traffic you'll receive, and the more sales you'll make.

Step #2 - Keywords

Knowing the keywords that apply to your political campaign and using them effectively is very of import for drive targeted traffic to your real property web pages. When you utilize keywords efficiently and person searches for those precise keywords, your page will be displayed as a result. Search engines give penchant to keywords so you should cognize what you are doing when you begin putting keywords in your content.

Step #3 - Directories

Find all of the existent estate directories that entreaty to your services and your market and submit your website to them. People searching existent estate directories will come up across your land site listing and visit you. This is a great manner to increase traffic.

Step #4 - Wage Per Chink Advertising

Pay per chink advertisement is an low-cost manner to market your existent estate land site based on keywords and paid advertisements. You only pay for the PPC advertizement when person chinks on it and visits your website. Many search engines offer wage per chink advertisement and you simply command on the keywords you desire advertisement for. If you are the high bidder you get the first slot, and so on and so forth.

Step #5 - Articles

Place articles on your website about specific subjects pertaining to the current existent estate market in your area, nationwide, or current interest rates. New and enlightening information will maintain visitants coming back.

If you follow these five tips you will see higher traffic on your website not to advert increased interest in your merchandises and services. You will recognize that these marketing tips are easy to utilize and following them will set your existent estate website above all the rest. Don’t hold any longer or lose anymore possible clients. Start to work on your Internet marketing political campaign immediately and start enjoying the fruits of your labor!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Real Estate Investors: How to Get a Powerful Marketing Education for Free

I am a sum geek.

A few hebdomads ago, late at night, I wasn’t inch the temper to travel to bed yet so I turned on the TV. What I tuned into may surprise you. What I am about to uncover volition authorise you.

You may presume that I flipped to the Late Late Show, but that is not the case. Most deliberately I turned to the insomniac’s staple, paid programming. Yes, I intentionally watch infomercials.

I happen there is much to be learned from studying the marketing and sales methods used in this media. Most infomercials are produced by very successful marketers. FYI…the Guthy-Renker shows are some of the best as proved by their staying power.

I could enter an infomercial and alkali a whole seminar around studying it. From the “and that’s not all” offer to the “call inch the adjacent 10 minutes” close, there are strategies that tin
and should be easily adapted to your ain marketing. The merchandise may be different, but the consumer psychological science is the same.

Now, I am not about to suggest staying up late to watch infomercials (although it wouldn't be clip wasted). However, there is something similar that you should be doing. You may be letting a invaluable instruction base on balls right beneath your olfactory organ that you could be enjoying for free.

Here it is....

...junk mail!

I know, debris mail can be a pain. But believe about it. Those companies pass a batch of clip and money to prove and happen out what works in direct mail. You might as well net income from their hard work.

Instead of automatically dumping it in the garbage, take a few proceedings to look through it. What sort of newspaper headlines make they use? Bash they utilize any originative packaging? What is the
formatting? Did something catch your attention?

One of the most powerful strategies for being a successful marketer is to borrow and accommodate ideas. It doesn't matter what industry it is from. In fact, often ideas from other
industries will supply the biggest breakthroughs.

If you have got bought any courses of study from existent estate gurus, then you probably get a batch of mail from them. These cats are masters. Wage attention to what they do.

If you have got got a good resonance with a seller, inquire them what other mail they might have gotten from investors. This plant especially well with Sellers in foreclosure. They often get
hills of mail. If they will garner it for you and manus it over, that could be a hoarded wealth trove.

What make you make with all of this? Start what is called a swipe file. Every master marketer have one. Keep the best pieces. Get a clump of data data file booklets and come up up with a system that
plant well for you to form it for quick reference.

When you desire to make a new marketing piece, a few proceedings perusing your swipe file will get the juices flowing and make it much easier.

So... don't go through up the instruction that bases on balls through your letter box everyday.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Selling Your Home - Alone or with a Broker?

How make you make up one's mind whether to sell your home (or land, farm, ranch, etc.) on your ain or usage a existent estate broker? There are pluses and minuses to each approach. Let’s expression at some of the cardinal ups and downs. Only you can make up one's mind which attack have the most pluses in your situation.

Why travel FSBO?

“FSBO” stand ups for “for sale by owner” and states buyers you are not using a real estate broker to stand for you. The biggest top to going FSBO is you salvage thousands of dollars in broker committees when you sell the property. This may look obvious, but the nest egg are very real.

The downside to going FSBO is it takes your clip to market and show the property. (You’ll need to set up your property for sale in either case, but that’s A whole separate topic.) You also need to be familiar with how the existent estate sales procedure plant in your portion of the country. It isn’t necessary to be an expert; just do certain you understand what things 1 must generally deal with in a existent estate sales transaction.

Also, it’s of import to have got access to the assistants you need. Examples include a lender who is willing to measure up your prospective buyers, individual qualified and willing to pull the sales contract and a person or firm qualified to fold your sales transaction. Fortunately, there are many lenders and settlement offices willing to work directly with the principals to a transaction. And, for the courageous and hopefully, very experienced, there are on-line, fill up in the blank, sales contracts.

Why usage a broker?

Does the above treatment leave of absence you feeling insecure instead of alert, thoughtful, and excited? If so, you probably desire a existent estate broker to sell your home for you.

Other cases when you may desire to utilize a broker include:

1. Inexperience - If you have got not had much experience purchasing and merchandising homes, a broker may be the answer.

2. Local Conditions – Are you aware of the alone issues of the geographic location? If you have got bought and sold in Virginia (where termites and Rn are concerns) and you are now planning to sell the 1 home you’ve owned in Centennial State (where H2O and mineral rights might be on the treatment table), it’s possible you may desire a broker.

3. Time, Time, Time - If your community supplies for you and your household very well, but takes up tremendous amounts of your time, ditto.

4. If you have got no notions about how you’d travel about marketing your home using the Internet, magazines, newspapers, bulletin boards, brochures, signs, word-of-mouth, etc., A broker can get you the marketing exposure you need.

The Right Choice?

There is no 1 right choice. Only you can make up one's mind what’s best for you. Hopefully, this expression at the professionals and cons will get your mental juices flowing nicely. I trust your sale travels smoothly.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Real Estate Internet Marketing Is The Way To Go

Real estate Internet marketing is a booming business, along with all other forms of Internet businesses. Now, it seems that very little can’t be sold over the Internet. An estimated 20 million people shop online for things as diverse as airline tickets to vacation homes. Research firms estimate that online shopping exceeded $200 billion in 2003. They predict that the number of online shoppers could double in the coming years. With such huge numbers, it only makes sense to consider real estate Internet marketing.

Real estate Internet marketing makes perfect sense to the savvy real estate agent. A web site can promote not only the properties that you currently have, but also the services that you render. With a site of your own, you can not only sell your properties to local clients, often times, people considering a move from another state can view your offerings on online and have a good knowledge of the market before they step foot into it.

Real estate Internet marketing can open doors for you to make money off associated services as well. On your website, you can seek affiliate programs with any number of businesses that serve the real estate industry. By providing links to other sites, you can receive extra money that you normally wouldn’t without a website. Some of the affiliate programs you may wish to check out are with banks, title companies, and home evaluation services.

There are a number of companies that can help you will your real estate Internet marketing. Some real estate agencies offer their agents web pages on their larger websites. This would give you the opportunity to be on the Internet without significant investment. There you can post your credentials, recent sales, and awards you may have won in sales contests. Every good real estate agent now must realize the importance of real estate Internet marketing.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Invest Nothing - Get Nothing!

People inquire me all the clip why I compose articles. They inquire me
oppugns like:

What do you such as an expert? Where make you learn this Internet stuff? How long have got you been doing this "Internet thing"? How much money have got you made and then they desire to see my bank account figures?

I compose articles based on a simple philosophy. I take what works and usage it to leave some saneness into the brainsick hyped up human race of Internet marketing. I also apply what I have got learned to the running play of an my Home based business.

The Internet can be a very impersonal. Sometimes it seems
almost barren in its approach. Everywhere people are trying
to sell something. Buy this - purchase that - purchase mine don't buy
the other cats because it sucks, etc.

When you don't purchase then they get insulted. If the bulk of these so-called Internet land sites were existent human race brick and howitzer supplies they would be forced to fold their businesses within the first few weeks, or months.


For one of following two reasons:

1) The law would close them down for making such as wild, and false, advertisement claims. (Note: That is exactly what the FTC is starting to make to many websites!)

2) The shop proprietors would tally off the bulk of their
possible clients with their carnival, take the money and run, style of hawking their inferior commodity or the same commodity you will happen on 100s of other sites.

Occassionally Iodine get an electronic mail from one of my readers asking me for advice on one of the many "categories" of Internet marketing. The underside line of every inquiry I get is how to be "SUCCESSFUL" in working from home and marketing on the Internet.

The thing that intriques me most is that these people who
compose to me never desire to pass any money or put any of
their clip to be successful. All they desire is some magical
expression that volition give them instant "riches". They are hardly ever willing to pass one thin dime or put any of their clip at all.

People don't look to believe they need to educate themselves
about every aspect of online marketing. All they desire is for person to manus them the replies on a Ag platter. No work or investing in clip or money to learn how to market - another words they aren't willing to make anything.

The kicker is that people are actually convinced that you can make NOTHING to go rich except throw up an awkward website. Then within a few hebdomads they'll do a luck and retire to Tahiti!

I would wish to share with you the typical electronic mail that I get where a reader is asking for help. I'll get a petition for some information on the fast ones to being a success with an online business.

The first thing I usually make is to inquire the individual some questions. The inquiries I inquire are always the same. They are:

- Exactly what are you promoting?
- Is it an Affiliate program(s) or is it your ain program, book, etc. and if its an Affilaite programme are you promoting more than than one?
- How long have got you been trying Internet marketing?
- What is your website url?
- What is your Alexa land site ranking?
- Who is your webhost provider?
- How are you advertisement (Traffic exchanges, classified
ads, FFA sites, ezine ads, PPC)?
- What tools make you utilize to learn from (special membership
sites, ebooks, ezines you read on a regular basis, on-line
study courses, information sites, etc.)?
- How many hours a twenty-four hours are you devoting to your marketing
- Why did you get into Internet Marketing in the first
- Exactly what are your specific 1 month, 3 month, 1 twelvemonth ends and 5 twelvemonth goals. What would you like to get out of your efforts?
- Is this a hobby, a passionateness or a pure net income motive?

Rarely is anyone able, or willing, to reply more than than two or three of these questions. If you've read my past articles you cognize how strongly I believe in setting aside some clip every twenty-four hours to learn and turn your knowledge and your accomplishment sets.

I usually answer back with some of the things the individual needs to make to turn their business. Then more than likely than not I get some crisp answer of why I'm not giving them some secret formula. Or a personal attack on me because I take NOT to boast about how much money I may have got made in my ain Internet marketing efforts.

My reply to that is a simple one. I would rather leave
this human race with many friends and co-workers that know, and
trust me, than to set an few thousand in the bank by being a
dishonest beat and bilking people of their hard earned money.

On all of my websites you will happen my full contact information - including my existent computer address and telephone number. If you look at a 1,000 land sites you'll be lucky to happen this same information on more than than a couple of twelve other websites. Why?

People believe they can throw up a website with a sales page, sell you something, cod the money and run. No bother, no
real number guarantee, no duty - nothing. If that is what you believe then you too are in the class of:

Invest Nothing - Get Nothing

I often get the feeling that those who compose me don't want
to listen Oregon learn - they just desire some charming quick fix! Being a successful netprenuer is not a given...You MUST EARN your success.

As I said in an earlier article "What is more than of import -
Time or Money" it WILL take some of each. You can pass more than money and take a small less clip - Oregon visa-versa. However, your best consequences will be if you pass the clip AND some money!

When I started my ain Internet marketing I put a budget of how much money, and time, I was going to utilize for all of my marketing efforts. It was a very small budget, and it still is, but it was what I knew I could afford. I have got got got actually spent most of my marketing budget learning the ends and outs of Internet marketing and very small on existent paid advertising.

You have heard me state this before I ALWAYS have been and will go on to always be a student. I am taking a small amount of my earnings each calendar month and adding to my training, knowledge and promotional efforts.

One of the most of import things I have got learned is that NOT ONE of the six figure earners ever got where they are by taking shortcuts. They have got all invested tons of clip and/or money into their efforts, albeit some more than than others. The point is this:
NO Attempt = NO Results
MASSIVE Attempt = MASSIVE Results!

If all you desire is a free ride, the lazy manner out, money for nil and boots for free - then all you'll get is NOTHING! You only get back what you set into your business.

Invest Nothing = Get Nothing!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Real Estate And Marketing; Part 1

There are two aspects of real estate and marketing
that are paramount to your success as a real estate
professional; the acquisition of new customers and the
retention of old ones.

As is the case in other industries the cost of
acquiring new customers is escalating. So, it becomes
more prudent to continue marketing to past customers.
It’s less expensive and can be equally profitable.

However, many real estate agents, to their financial
detriment, often fail to maintain relationships with
clients they have “closed” deals on.

Take you for example. If you’re like the majority of
agents you probably spend a lot of time, money and
effort acquiring new customers; and heaven knows it's
anything but easy. But how effective are you at
retaining past ones?

You probably feel, real or imagined, pressure to make
the next "close", but in doing so you are leaving a
lot of money on the table. Actually, it’s more like
you’re putting money into a competitor’s pocket.

Marketing to past clients can be especially rewarding.

You probably shared a genuine care for each other,
and if they were satisfied with you and your services
in the past, there is a greater chance than not that
they will come back to you for future transactions.
Also, they are likely to refer friends, family and
colleagues in the interim.

Savvy real estate and marketing pros immediately shift
their strategy to building long term relationships
once they "close" buyers." You should, too! Rather
than simply abandoning a client after a sale continue
nurturing the relationship, but in a different way.

Savvy real estate and marketing pros also, maintain
continuous, routine and ongoing contact and relations
with past clients. This helps to you protect your
customers/business from competitive encroachments.

For example; put them on an every other month "post
sale marketing campaign", whether it's via post cards,
letters or flyers.

Something is better than nothing, and it doesn't have
to cost a lot of time or money. The alternative is to
do nothing and let a competitive agent convert them to
their client! If you snooze you'll lose!

An old friend once said. "Sometimes it's better to
keep what you got than to replace it with something
new." Avoid the pain of seeing a recent past client
transact a real estate deal with another agent. Don't
let them get away - you spent too much time and energy
converting them into a customer.

Friday, February 02, 2007

An Open Letter From a Home Owner To Real Estate Agents Who Make Cold Calls

Even if I didn't read the intelligence I'd cognize exactly when the existent estate market in my country is hot.

Why? The number of phone phone calls from agents looking for me to sell my condominium to their clients additions drastically. Usually I admit, my responses are curt, especially since these phone phone calls are usually unwelcome interruptions.

So many of those calls are unpleasant that I am taking the chance to state you about the 1 different phone call that I received. This phone call not only resulted in my allowing the agent to see with me, I now see her my agent and program to go on doing business with her and referring her to my friends.

Three Steps To Obtaining a Home Owner's Interest When You Cold Call

1. Be friendly and allow it come up out in your voice. The lone ground why I initially paid attention to the company was that she really sounded pleasant. That was it - she sounded like the type of individual I couldn't be ill-mannered to even if I wanted to be. Frankly she sounded like she expected a friendly interaction - and that's just what happened.

2. Don't be intrusive. Brand an attack like, "I'm a existent estate agent and wondered whether I could talk with you a minute about whether you have got short-term plans for placing your home on the market." Also, wage attention to background noise. If you hear a baby, or cutter clicking - take a hint! Don't seek to do conversation - I'm probably busy.

3. Introduce yourself more than fully once the intent of your phone call have got been established and you have permission to continue. While maintaining your pleasant demeanour, be businesslike and demonstrate that you cognize what you are doing. For illustration my agent was able to quickly turn out her acquaintance with condominiums similar to mine in the area. Her assurance made me desire to keep contact with her for possible hereafter transactions even though I was not ready to put my home on the market.

I'm sure if you follow these steps, it'll do the home proprietors you name on much less cranky, and generate more than than good will and more new business for you.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Real Estate Marketing Online - An Agent's Guide to Success

Each year, more and more consumers go online to look for homes and search for real estate agents. Smart real estate marketers know this, so they venture online themselves, with a personal marketing website.

But simply having a website is not enough. You must have an effective website -- one that moves the visitor toward that all-important goal of contacting you.

The First (and Only) Law of Web Marketing:
Seems everyone these days has an unsupported opinion about what does or doesn't work in web marketing. But the only thing these people can say for certain is what has or hasn’t worked for them.

A tactic that fails miserably on one website could succeed wildly on another site. There is testing, and then there’s conjecture ... the key is to know the difference.

You never know if something will work until you try it.

Marketing to the Info Savvy
To understand real estate marketing online, you first have to understand how consumers have evolved over recent years. Consumers have become increasingly skilled at using the Internet as a research tool. The glut of information we face on a daily basis has led to a nation of "info savvy" individuals.

In short, the problem of information overload has yielded the solution of information savvy. As a result, new skill sets have emerged.

Skills of the "Info Savvy" Web User:

Able to quickly judge the value of a website
Able to recognize and assess the information "hot spots" of a website
Able to skim and scan web pages with brutal efficiency
Able to read selectively while ignoring suspected advertising spots

Don't Underestimate Your Readers
Read enough articles on web writing and you’ll hear the phrase "short attention span" used to describe web readers. Nothing could be further from the truth. A short attention span implies some kind of mental deficiency, a handicap of sorts.

On the contrary, the average web reader is anything but handicapped. They don’t suffer from short attention spans -- they enjoy heightened powers of selectiveness.

They don’t scan pages because they’re averse to reading -- they scan pages because they know there’s a lot of bad websites out there, and they’ve developed the tools to screen them with great efficiency.

So if you want your website to engage the reader, and ideally evoke a response, you must first get the reader to stop. You must use words, images or a combination of the two to tell the reader, "Hey, you’ve found something worth your while. Slow down for a minute!"

If your website fails in this regard, it fails entirely.

On a personal marketing website, the obvious goal is to motivate or persuade the reader. To channel them toward the desired goal. And speaking of "channels," it's about time for an acronym.

SECTO: Stop ... Engage ... Channel ... Tell ... Offer.

Keep SECTO in mind when building (or having built) your personal marketing website, especially on those pages where you’re trying to evoke a response.


Stop the reader (perhaps with your headline, imagery, or a combination of the two).
Engage the reader with relevant content that delivers on the headline’s promise.
Channel the reader toward the specific action you want them to take.
Tell the reader how to take that action.
Offer the reader an incentive or reward for taking that action.

Statistics show that 77 percent of buyers use the Internet at some point during their home search. With numbers like that, your mission is clear -- you must have a website to stay competitive.

The question is, what have you done to make your website more effective than the websites of all your competitors?